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For Sellers: The Role of Sailboat Sales Co.

The nature of the brokerage market today means that there can never be too many good, well-equipped and properly priced boats available. There are a number of reasons why you might end up deciding to sell your boat. Our staff will offer a hands-on approach to help you create the best representation of your boat to the market.

If practical, we want to go aboard your boat with you and offer advice on how best to prepare it for showing and to get a better sense of the personal touches we, as boat owners, like to add to our boats to make them special.

A central agency listing with Sailboat Sales Co. allows us to put your boat on, the number one research resource for boat buyers, and of course on our own website.

As a member of the Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA), we abide by a professional Code of Ethics that is available for all to read.

We'll create as attractive and complete an offering sheet as possible, putting your boat in the best possible light, and we'll incorporate this offering sheet in our on-line brokerage listings. This is, after all, the first impression that a prospective buyer has of your boat and what makes her stand out in the crowd when other brokers see her on Yachtworld. We'll suggest an asking price that realistically reflects your degree of motivation.

Our cordial, long-standing relationships with dozens of local and national brokers means that your boat will always be properly represented, even to a distant buyer. This high level of trust and networking will greatly increase the overall exposure of your boat.

If your boat qualifies, a storage spot in our high-profile brokerage area at Crowley's Yacht Yard will be guaranteed. We can even arrange a detailing service to keep her looking her best while she's on the market.

Our brokers know how to sell. We have the experience and common sense to know which customer is properly suited to your boat's design, the product knowledge to point out and demonstrate her best features, and the ability to encourage a written offer.

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